AlWatania Information Systems

AlWatania Information Systems (WiSys) is a part of AWQAF Sulaiman Abdulaziz Alrajhi group and established in year 2002 and serving the group in IT Solutions.

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Professional Services

SAP Solution implementation

WiSys Implements and serves the AWQAF Sulaiman Alrajhi Group of companies in SAP ERP implementation projects.

Data Center Services

WiSys Provides all Data Center services for the entire AWQAF Group.

IT Project Management Services

Following the latest methodologies in project management, WiSys provides all its clients value from its experience base in Project Management.

Solution Services

WiSys always helps the AWQAF group of companies to implement vertical solutions that integrate with SAP ERP.

Office Automation Services

WiSys provides all needed hardware and equipment.


At WiSys, you’ll have a wide range of opportunities, as we have many kinds of jobs in many different proficiencies. Your career and professional development is a partnership between you and us, reinforced by our numerous resources. To find out more please follow our LinkedIn Profile.

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AlWatania Information Systems

Prince Saad Bin Abdulrahman 1st.
Exit 15, Sharq Plaza Mall, 1st Floor

Tel: +966 11 471 2333 - Fax: +966 11 471 2666